Exhibition Announcement: Gina McQuen

By Posted in - Art Exhibitions & General News on March 13th, 2018 0 Comments Gina Mcquen at The Tattoo Collective

The Tattoo Collective are proud to display works from artist Gina McQuen this weekend at The Old Truman Brewery.

Gina Mcquen at The Tattoo Collective

‘Kisolola’ is the brainchild of Gina McQuen, a fine artist specialising in painting on leather.

Gina prepares each piece meticulously, following a precise process of prepping, cleaning, painting, and finishing. The completed design becomes a part of the leather, and does not crack or fade over time, instead ageing naturally with the leather.

Gina Mcquen at The Tattoo Collective

Gina is inspired by nature and ‘Irezumi’, the art of traditional Japanese tattoo. Many of her richly detailed works borrow themes from Japanese tattooing, from tigers, dragons and skeletal spectres to beautiful peonies and chrysanthemums.

Gina Mcquen at The Tattoo Collective

Visitors to The Tattoo Collective can find a selection of Gina’s pieces in our T3 Gallery area. Gina accepts commissions for bespoke pieces; contact gina.mcquen@gmail.com for further information.

We have an incredible selection of artists joining us at The Tattoo Collective, 17th-18th March – don’t miss the chance to view our exclusive art exhibitions this weekend. Advance Tickets are now on sale, get yours today!


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