Exhibition: Han’nya Brigade

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The Tattoo Collective are proud to announce our second major exhibition ‘Han’nya Brigade’, a collection of paintings by over 200 of the world’s finest tattoo artists, curated by Italian tattooist Fabio Gargiulo.

The Han’nya is a famous icon that is dear to both Japanese tradition and tattoo culture, a subject which artists and tattooists have grappled with through the ages. This icon takes centre stage in ‘Han’nya Brigade’, a collective exhibition that emerged from an idea of Fabio Gargiulo, who asked over 200 artists worldwide to reinterpret this traditional mask.

The Han’nya is also used as the symbol of South Ink Tattoo, Gargiulo’s studio in Pozzuoli (Naples), which is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary with the release of this project.

In Japanese culture, the Han’nya symbolizes jealousy. It’s features portray the power of this destructive and terrifying emotion, which transforms even the youngest and most beautiful woman into a monstrous being. This female demon has long horns on her head, enormous bulging eyes, flared nostrils, a threatening demeanour and a terrifying mouth full of sharp teeth, open wide in a sadistic laugh.

This exhibition offers the chance to admire a variety of creative interpretations of the same traditional subject.

Accompanying the exhibition is a volume published by Tattoo Life, the first title in ‘The Golden Flash Collection’ series.

200 artists behind 200 diverse works of art; offering creative and imaginative interpretations of the same fascinating subject.

On show are works by: Filip Leu, Dalmiro, Ching, Stizzo, Joao Bosco, Vlady, Horichiro, Morg, Matt Collins, Chris Crooks, Otto D’Ambra, Federico Ferroni, Andrea Pallocchini, Stillian Smokov, Rico, Horiei Shinshu, Rinzing, Alix Ge, Tomo and many more…

Don’t miss the chance to view Han’nya Brigade at The Tattoo Collective, 17-19th February at The Old Truman Brewery. Limited tickets are now on sale – get yours before they’re gone!


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