ART EXHIBITION: By UK Tattoo Artist Claudia de Sabe

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The Tattoo Collective are proud to reveal our first exhibition in the shape of ‘Jupiter’s Daughters’, an exquisite series of paintings by UK tattoo artist Claudia de Sabe.

The artworks, based upon the Japanese and Chinese Zodiac calendar, were ‘born of a necessity to study female characteristics, states of mind and soul’. The Zodiac calendar, based on a twelve-year cycle that beats time to Jupiter’s reappearance in the earthen skies, is carefully represented in each of Claudia’s pieces, where every animal of the Zodiac has been appointed to a female subject.

Claudia’s extensive symbolic research has enriched the paintings with complex visual detail, elements relating to every specific Zodiac sign woven into the fabric of each painting. Buddhist gods, human organs, planets, flowers and colours can all be found within the works, thoughtfully placed to match each of the Zodiac signs represented.

In the paintings, the twelve animals of the Zodiac may be embodied as small toys, ornaments or fully interacting with the main subjects.

A true labour of love, devotion and intense study from one of the UK’s most inspiring tattoo artists, ‘Jupiter’s Daughter’s’ is an exhibition not to be missed.

Check back soon for an exclusive Interview with Claudia de Sabe by Jasmine Roll-on from The London Tattoo Convention.

Don’t miss the chance to view this beautiful body of work in person at The Tattoo Collective, 17-19th Feb 2017. Click here to buy your Advance Ticket today.




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