Tattoo Artist & Poster Art: Kelly Violet

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Kelly Violet, one of the original members of London’s esteemed Parliament Tattoo, is one of the most celebrated blackwork artists in the UK today. Starting out in street shops over 15 years ago, Kelly has honed her craft and developed a style that has earned her a huge following.

Known for her masterful and unique style of blackwork, Kelly Violet’s art is instantly recognizable. Her distinctive tattoos manage to combine a strong use of black but flow seamlessly on the body. Often incorporating botanical and floral subject matter, Kelly’s tattoos manage to be both ornate and powerful in equal measure.

Kelly’s outstanding artwork graced the very first Tattoo Collective poster, resulting in a beautiful piece that combines the defining qualities of Kelly’s style with a nod to our London location. Watch the design take shape in the clip, click here. kelly-violet-drawing-clip.

Find Kelly working at The Tattoo Collective 17-19th Feb 2017. For a full list of working artists please click here.

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